Librarians, Other Volunteers, and Support Staff

Associate Head Librarian, Membership:  Elaine Griffin

Associate Head Librarian, Children’s/Young Adult Collections and Volunteers: Jody Schmidt

Associate Head Librarian, Adult Collections and DVDs, Online Catalogue: Anne Wysocki

Volunteer Coordinator: Janice Ekstrom

Volunteer Librarians: Debbie Anderson, Lynn Bahrych, Amber Borner, Carolyn Brantigan, Caryn Buck, Terri Cable, Mother Catarina, Doug Crosby, Mother Caterina, Theresa Cole, Doug Crosby, Jan Chamberlin, Janice Ekstrom, Sally Frankenberg, Caitlin Grant, Lorrie Harrison, Chris Hopkins, Barb Husted, Kai Kamrath, Shannon Klohr & Jasper, Gary Lange, Shirley Lange, Brian Lynch , Buni Lynch, Alex MacLeod, Alice Nelsen, Donatas Pocus, Carol Poliak, Jody Schmidt, Kate Schuman, Deanne Shannon, Liz Stedman, Corinne Storey, Jennifer Swanson, Gail Tiffany, Carol Whitfield, Louis Whitford, Olivia Whitford, Willie Williams, Jennifer Woodbridge, Anne Wysocki, Nancy Zakes

Other Volunteer Support

Annette Smith, Museum Curator

Terri Cable, Museum Curator

Kate Schuman, Treasurer

Louis Whitford, Speaker Series

Doug Crosby, Facilities

Lorrie Harrison, Shaw Speaks

Ray Glaze, Tech Support

Ned Griffin, Tech Support

Library Staff

Andrea Schmidt, Bookkeeper

Board of Directors

Doug Crosby, co-President

Nancy Makes, co-President

Sally Frankenberg, Vice President

Carol Whitfield, Corresponding Secretary

Jim Allaway

Jan Chamberlin

David Checkley

Donatus Pocus

Alice Nelsen

(page updated 8/28/2023)